My 15 minutes of fame arrived on Sunday October 30, 2005 via the Californian Newspaper.
I actually made it to the front page of the Local Section.
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There is a chill in the air and leaves are starting to fall.

As far back as I can remember Halloween has always been special to me. I’ve always been obsessed with it. As a kid I loved carving pumpkins and making jack-o-lanterns, and wearing a costume. I couldn't wait for Halloween to come. I would sit in class and draw pictures of haunted houses with all the detail my imagination could yield.

I grew up (sort of) in the Northern and Southern California suburbs through the 60’s and 70’s. Every year I would join other kids throughout the community and we all went trick-or-treating. I went to as many houses as I could. It was as if most of the people in the suburbs took part in Halloween. It was a more free spirited time (no pun intended).

There was no paranoia or anti-faith stigma attached to it; it was just a great time for us to be kids. People loved to decorate their homes with skeletons, jack-o-lanterns and an occasional graveyard. I also remember some houses were setup a bit more elaborate than others. Those were the homes that we all wanted to go to, but were really afraid to approach.

During the 60’s and 70’s, TV Shows like The Munsters, The Adams Family and even Scooby Doo all had Halloween as momentum for their show. However it was The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland that really put the hook in me. Since my twenties I have had an annual pass for The Magic Kingdom. I spend a lot of my time at the Mansion even now that I'm in my 40's.

As an adult (again, sort of) I want desperately to preserve a few of the more memorable points of my youth. Halloween is at the forefront of the myriad shards of my memories. So to pay tribute to a better, wonderful, vanished time, I created DarkWolF Manor. Halloween remains my favorite annual observance and autumn my favorite season.

For the last five years I have hosted a walk through home haunt in Southern CA. Every year we raise the proverbial bar higher and higher. Everyone (over the age of 12) can enjoy getting scared in my haunt. My residence is also the site of real paranormal & anomalous activity. Despite that, don’t be one of those kids that is afraid to walk up to my house.

My name is Scott and I welcome you to DarKWolF Manor.

Why do I haunt? Because its cool.

Hey, remember cool?

It is always Halloween in my head!!


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