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Frankenstein's Lab Electrode, Flux Capacitor thing.

Haunted Rocking Chair

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Corpsing Buckys
What is "corpsing"?
Corpsing is the art of changing the look of a realistic plastic skeleton to make it appear to be a rotting corpse.  There are many different techniques that can be used to get the results one is looking for. My particular favorite includes lots of liquid latex, cotton spider webbing, paper towels, wig hair, and wood stain. It is very hard to screw-up on a corpsing project. In the case of Bucky corpsing; the stranger the better.
What is a "Bucky"?
A bucky skeleton is a realistic plastic skeleton, usually used in an academic environment. There are varying degrees of quality but the best for corrpsing in the 4th quality Bucky. Often the 4th quality has missing hardware, or discolored bones, or missing teeth (buck teeth or . . .Bucky). 


Toe-Pincher Coffins
Since I can remember I have wanted a few toe-pincher coffins in my haunt. In 2006 my friend Mike Malick helped me build two of them. A toe-pincher coffin looks like the type one might have seen in the victorian era or the old west. The toe-pincher has a wide area for a body's shoulders and then tapers down for the feet.
Coffin #1 
Coffin #2


In 2008 I found a really great addition for the ambiance of my haunt in the form of "Fogheads." Fogheads are foam faces that have illuminated eyes and fog that glows as it spews from their mouths. I used a dual squirrel cage blower from the 40's to pipe the fog through 40' of dryer ducting and out through the front of two Fogheads.


Nelson the Grim Organist
What haunt would be complete without a Grim Organist playing a pipe organ in the funeral parlor? I found an old electric organ on Ebay about twenty miles from my home. I snatched it up quicker than a pick pocket at a bus station. I cut various lengths and sizes of ABS tubing and spray painted them gold to simulate pipes on the pipe organ. I added a High end computer speaker system with a subwoofer and attached an Ipod full of pipe organ music.  I purchased a 4th quality Bucky, corpsed him a bit, gave him a caroler's hat, a new bench, and the name Nelson.


Haunt Sign
One sign (no pun intended) that your haunt is getting more and more legitimate (truly a sign of the times) is a need to show everyone what you call your haunt. What better way to do that than a 3'x5' sign that you hang with chains from the roof of your two story suburban home. If you want to be a haunter, and you question whether you have tipped the scales of sensibility; after you hang one of these there will be little doubt. I started with a PrintShop project that I made and projected it onto foam. I traced around the projection with a sharpie. I used two sheets of extruded foam (very hard to find in So. Cal) and used luan for a backing. I then used a Dremmel with a router attachment to carve out the space around the letters and logo. I painted the foam with primers and then gave it a coat of stone accent spray paint. Black enamel was used around the letters, logo and edges. 


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