62843 Cephus Court
Bend Or, 97701,+Bend,+OR+97701/@44.08187,-121.258348,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54b8cf677d71838f:0x893102b798d23200

When parking and viewing the haunt, please be respectful of the neighbors, trick-or-treaters, and the traffic.

Days and Times

November 1st: 7:30pm -



Additional Donations for the Afterlife

A great deal of time and money goes into the creation and maintenance of our haunt. Currently DarKWolf ManoR operates solely on donations. If you are horrified by what we do, please feel free to make a donation. This will help the dead in their afterlife. Anything you can give will be grimly appreciated. Simply click the PayPal link below.




Any serious haunter will tell you that without a core group of supportive idividuals; a haunt would cease to function. The following are people who shine even when the lights get very dim.

James Garrison
Tommy Shoup
Sam Rios
Steve Swanson
Mike Malick
Anita Huseman
Norman Ross (RIP)
Rosco Dog (RIP)

Great applause and appreciation to the ghouls and players of DarKWolF past.

Zack Basin, Keith Bearden, Dallas Bishop,

Heather Buompensielo#1, Heather Buompensielo#2,
Peter Buompensielo, Nick Coldwell, Jason Cooper, James Garrison, Leslee Grove, Tanner Long, Gilbert Makau, Justin Panceroff, Caleb Pye, Kaitlend Pye, Sam Rios, Roshan Razavi, Eric Sheldon,
Michelle Swanson, Steve Swanson.


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