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AKA Dr. Funkengroovin's Freakfest
The incarnation of DarkWolF ManoR stems from a time were large Halloween parties where an annual occurance at my residence. To make the party more thematic;  I acquired more and more elaborate props. Starting in the late 90's with a cemetery and various static ghouls in the front yard, and progressivly growing in size to include several pneumatic and animatronic props in 2006.

I decided in 2007 to stop the parties and concentrate on haunting, afterall I had plenty of props.

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Butcher Chop Shop

Grim Organist   

Darkwolf Yard Haunt 2009


Past Haunt Galleries

Darkwolf Haunt 2006 Slideshow

2006 marks the last year of Dr. Funkengroovin's Freakfest and the first year I started making wood hallways. I really wanted to focus more on the haunt and less on a party. The party itself went off without a hitch with about 150 people throughout the night. I found myself really leaning more toward scaring and less about entertaining.

Darkwolf Haunt 2007 Slideshow

2007 was what I referred to as "The Year of the Pumpkin."
I was frustrated about
 the direction the haunt was headed. While I kept most of my props in storage; I purchased 20 pumpkins and began carving them early on Halloween day. I invited a few friends over to participate. Between my jack o' lanterns and theirs we had roughly 30 pumpkins staged on the front lawn. At one point we lit a
pumpkin on fire and held it as I skated down the street. Thank God I have the neighbors I do.

Darkwolf Haunt 2008 Slideshow

2008 was our best haunt by a huge margin. For the first time I decided to put together a haunt developed from a central theme. I really wanted to give the haunt a backstory modeled after a sanitarium that had been overrun by the patients. It worked!!  Our sanitarium took four months to construct, had thirty actors, and fifteen rooms. Over a period of two nights we scared the pants off of at least 1200 people. Logistically it was a bit of a nightmare, but then isn't that the idea?   2008 Haunt Set-Up

Darkwolf Haunt 2009 Slideshow

2009 was an absolute downscaling for the haunt. I believe that sometimes you need to take a couple steps back before you can move forward. Instead of a multi-room scare, I went for a yard haunt. The best part was that instead of taking four months to put together; it only took three days to put up and two days to strike.
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